Vendor Oversight is crucial for any organization

Did you know that under the CFPB federal guidelines... you are responsible for your vendor's actions?

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Vendor Applications

Vendor Oversight

"Acquiring the proper tools help businesses provide proper balance between performance and risk. iComply-EZ's compliance applications have been designed as preemptive tools that provide greater transparency. This translates into lower incident costs, improved efficiencies (operational, strategic, financial), and increase corporate accountability that all lead to better overall performance"
  - Dr. Phillip D. Spears

Key Features

Vendor Management

The Vendor module allows one to store all information about one's vendors.

Risk Rating

Risk Rating is a Risk management tool for determining one's company and vendor's level of risk.


Contracts is designed to manage and efficiently locate different types of contracts linked to specific vendors.


Invoices provides one with a way to store and rapidly retrieve any invoices associated with a particular vendor.


Deposits gives one the ability to store and quickly find information about banking deposits.


Bonds / Licenses organizes, per state requirements, all bonds & licenses.


Insurance archives all information, documentation etc. relating to insurance.

Disaster Plan Testing

Disaster Recovery Plan Test Results, enables one to retrieve disaster plans and testing logs for one's vendors.

Vendor Policies

Vendor Policies allows one to store one's vendor policies and procedures for easy access.

Vendor Training

Vendor Training is where one can manage personnel training materials submitted by the vendor.

Penetration Test Results

Penetration Testing for network security etc. organizes one's penetration testing results for routine review.

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