Services we currently offer

Centralized Compliance Management System

  • The Compliance Management System is designed to keep all of one's policies and procedures in one centralized location for easy access. The CMS keeps one up to date on changing CFPB regulations within the industry. The CMS allows one to easily store and access policies and procedures organized by CFPB examination guidelines. In addition to the compliance modules, the CMS contains a multitude of applications to facilitate different aspects of training, auditing, complaint tracking and corrective action reporting which are part of the Menu-Matic™ closed loop compliance process.

  • Implementation Services

  • Our implementation services help one provision the system to meet one's organization's needs. The implementation session is divided into two days with each session being approximately 1 hour a piece. The implementation includes a packet with sample policies and procedures reviewed by a Texas state licensed attorney. The packet contains each item title for each module as well as an outline of which sample policy is associated with which module. We offer an additional run-through of the system within 30 days of implementation.

  • Policy and Procedure Consulting

  • In addition to implementation services, we are working to provide you with Policy and Procedure drafting and consulting through a certified partner in the near future.

  • Vendor Oversight Management

  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau holds each organization accountable for it's vendors. This is why we have developed the Vendor Oversight Module.

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